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"People don't take trips, trips take people."
John Steinbeck


The spring instructional season is about to begin. Where did the winter go?
. Looking forward to spending time teaching on the river in my good old
Jackson Fun, and also on the ocean - in my new Sterling Reflection! Sterlly,
my pet name for my baby, was the very first pro-deal sea kayak ever made
by Sterling. I happened to be the first to order a kayak under this new
program - what an honour! So stoked and off to Surge we go! For information
on the pro deal, contact www.sterlingskayak.com

2018 WORK SCHEDULE to date:

Teaching TRU SKGABC AOG/PC Level 2 Skills course
March 14 - 22, Circumnavigation of Quadra Island

Examining SKGABC Level 2 Guide Exam
April 14 - 15, Gulf Islands

Examining SKGABC Level 3 Guide Exam
April 20 - 22, Clayoquot Sound

Teaching SKILS SKGABC AOG/PC Level 2 Skills course
April 28 - May 6, Clayoquot Sound

Teaching SKILS SKGABC AOG/PC Level 2 Skills course
May 12 - 20, Clayoquot Sound

Leading Kingfisher Adventure Tour's Staff Training
May 23 - 25, Surge Narrows and area

Teaching COLT Moving Water Canoe Course
May 26 - 28, Campbell and Gold rivers

Teaching COLT Whitewater Kayak 1 Course
May 29 - 31, Campbell and Gold rivers

Teaching COLT Whitewater Kayak 2 Course
June 2 - 4, Gold River

Teaching COLT Surf Kayak course
June 5 - 8, Long Beach and area

Teaching COLT Whitewater 3/ Nimpkish River Expedition
June 10 - 12, Nimpkish River

Teaching/ Guiding WWE Sea Kayak Skills Course and BGI Tour
June 25 - 29, Broken Group Islands

Guiding two WWE Great Bear Rainforest sea kayak expeditions
July 2 - 18, Central Coast, BC

Guiding two Kingfisher Haida Gwaii sea kayak expeditions
July 29 - August 13, Rose Harbour to Burnaby Narrows X 2

Guiding two WWE Haida Gwaii sea kayak expeditions
August 19 - Sept.8, Rose Harbour to Tanu

Teaching SKILS SKGABC AOG/PC Level 2 Skills course
Sept. 15 - 23, Clayoquot Sound

Teaching TRU SKGABC Level 1 Day Guide course
October 11 - 16, Clayoquot Sound

SKILS Paddle Canada Level 2 Instructor Course
Oct. 20 - 22, Victoria area

PRESS and REVIEWS: Northern British Columbia Canoe Trips: Volume One and Volume Two

Conor Mihell, Canoe and Kayak -- Archer's latest guidebook, Northern British Columbia Canoe
Trips: Volume Two
, resonates with passion and experience. This chunky 370-page book covers seven river
trips in exhaustive detail. See Reading the River for the complete interview and review.

The Port Hole, The Canadian Power and Sail Squadron's official publication -- A can't-put-down series
of books. Click here to read the entire review.

April Link, RCABC Newsletter, Summer 2009 -- This is an enthusiastic guidebook that manages to speak
to the trained paddler and still include options and necessary information for novices...both easy to
navigate and explicit in details. Click here to read the entire review.

Larry Pynn, The Vancouver Sun -- This is the most detailed paddling guidebook I've ever
seen....The book contains information on the natural and human history of the areas paddled
and meticulous rapid-by-rapid accounts of what to expect on the rivers, complete with grid
reference coordinates that can be plotted on topographic maps or GPS units.

Heather Kerr, Outpost -- ...have resulted in field guides that literally bring to life what was
previously uncharted territory.

Barbara Braidwood, canada.com -- Laurel Archer's book, Northern B.C. Canoe Trips: Volume One, is like
having a 20-year veteran canoeing buddy along but without the quirks and foibles. With this book you
don't have to sit downwind of off-key humming all day or put up with sardine and onion sandwiches just
to have the company of someone with knowledge of the river. Click here to read the entire review .

Lori Henry, Suite 101.com -- Laurel Archer takes a stab at the limitless canoeing trips in the province
in this first volume. I love the detailed information, maps and "Trip Notes" that are scattered throughout
the book. Northern BC can be a remote place for first timers and this is a great guide to follow when
planning canoeing trips in the area. I don't think there's another book like it.

Alan Thomson, Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club Newsletter, February 2009 -- ...I liked the layout, beginning
with the general environment of Northern BC....The language is direct and flows well - no hyperbole or
dramatics. Click here to read the entire review.

PRESS and REVIEWS: Northern Saskatchewan Canoe Trips: A Guide to 15 Wilderness Rivers

The Globe and Mail -- "...and obviously knows her turf. This guide is filled
with route descriptions and practical details such as required topographic maps,
best time to go, special equipment needed, nature of rapids, hazards and best
campsites. Best of all, Archer references her descriptions to map coordinates."

The Winnipeg Free Press -- "Archer also has a keen sense of what real-life
paddlers -- as opposed to macho endurance heroes -- want out of a wilderness trip:
she rates all her rivers for solitude, historical significance and wildlife-
viewing and fishing opportunities, as opposed to merely length and difficulty."

The Star Phoenix -- "The result is a highly detailed guide-book, written in a
personal, conversational style. Like a friend sharing a well-kept secret,
along with plenty of good advice...."

Nastawgan -- "Archer's writing style is engaging and personal; she has produced
a fine book that's not only packed with wonderful things, but a pleasure to read too. It
sets a good example of what other guidebooks to wilderness canoe tripping should look
like. A lovely book to have, to use, and also to dream with."

Che-mun -- "This Boston Mills effort follows the format and produces a clean,
well-written and well-illustrated river guide on 15 rivers....Laurel Archer is a very
accomplished paddler who has been many places in her 39 years and written for many
leading outdoor mags. We look forward to another of her fine well-written and researched

Kanawa -- "The book speaks of an author who really knows canoeing. The important
information paddlers look for is all there, in a text that is compelling written and
attractively presented."

Rapid Mag's Canoeroots -- "This book is 240 pages of secrets. You'd be a fool
not to read it and crazy not to go."

Rural Roots -- "This book is primarily designed for the active canoeist but
the dreamer or couch potato will find it a good read, too. The author's writing style
and her personal experience with the rivers allow your imagination to take you down
some of the wildest rivers in Saskatchewan without getting wet.... This book in format,
content and style has a lot going for it, even if you never brave the Wathaman or

Virtual Saskatchewan

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