Blueberry Pie

By Laurel Archer
(from Paddler Magazine, May/June, 1999)

Turbo Slim XLY
Mega kayak babe
Joins the fearless
Takes the bait
paddles like a guy

Watch me too !
Ender in Hell Hole
she flies to meet the sky

Days of death-defying
Life-avoiding haze
Finds purpose is as purpose did
She too becomes a blaze

Shapely curves in wetsuit
neoprene all around
In a pack of modern he-wolves
She's a Neon Goddess Hound

One day atop a mighty gorge
The woman will not play
Come on they urge, a blind man's bluff
Fame's just one run away

She says with sudden and earthly grace
Instead I'll make a pie
of small and fragile berries blue
You can keep your wish to die

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