Sea Kayaking, Outrigger Canoeing and the Nitinat Triangle Canoe Route

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leaving Bligh Island.jpg (73kb)
Leaving Bligh Island, Nootka Sound COLT 2004 course

Richard in a teaching moment.jpg (114kb)
Richard, in a teaching moment

safety gear.jpg (92kb)
Learning navigation in the Sound

safety two - nootka island.jpg (89kb)
Lagoon Camp, west side of Nootka Island

on water lesson.jpg (97kb)
On water lesson


Desolation Sound, BC, Brad Koop, 2000

Hitching a Ride On the Mary Rose to the Broken Group

Outport Stop

Hand Island in the Broken Group, BC

Be Prepared for Wind and Wet Weather When Coastal Kayaking in BC

Paddling the West Coast of Nootka Island, Vancouver Island

Lighthouse at Friendly Cove, Nootka Island,
Lisa Router, 2002

Outrigger Canoeing: Four of Six Paddlers of the Comox Racing Team,
May Partridge, 2002

First off the Start in the Brotchie Reach Race, 2002,
May Partridge, 2002

The Chaos of Race Day at the Howe Sound Iron, Canada’s National Outrigger Championships in Gibsons Landing, BC,Brad Koop, 2002

Warming up for the 27 km Grind of the Howe Sound Iron, Brad Koop, 2002

Washed out Road to the Put-in for the Nitinat Triangle Canoe Route, Vancouver Island

Portage Trail (Where?) to Hobiton Lake, Nitinat Triangle

Portaging in the Rain Forest Can Be a Serious Challenge, Nitinat Triangle

Camping in the Old Growth, Nitinat Triangle

Reaching the Pacific on the Route Brings a Big Surprise: Sea Lion Skeleton by Tsusiat Falls, Nitinat Triangle Canoe Route

Island Iron Race Victoria, B.C
May Partridge, 2003

Island Iron Race Victoria, B.C
May Partridge, 2003

Island Iron Race Victoria, B.C
May Partridge, 2003