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Photos are copyright Laurel Archer unless otherwise noted.
Please contact me for any use of the photos.

bwgroup.jpg (85kb)
The characters that accompanied me..

pakcanoe_being_packed.jpg (92kb)
PakCanoe being packed for the first time - Put in Gataga River

gataga_setting_off.jpg (57kb)
Setting off on the Gataga River, July 2004

first_ferry_on_gataga.jpg (62kb)
First ferry for the PakCanoe

Phil_s_paddle_and_black_sky_Gataga_River.jpg (46kb)
Black Sky Ahead

kechika_range_gataga_river.jpg (75kb)
Kechika Range on the Gataga River

split_top_splendour_1.jpg (87kb)
Split Top Mountain

split_top_splendou_ 2.jpg (66kb)
Split Top Mountain

sushi_party_Gataga_River.jpg (135kb)
Sushi Party

sushi_under_split_top.jpg (130kb)
Sushi Under Split Top: Does it get any better???

split top sunset splendour.jpg (98kb)
Split Top Splendour at Sunset

big_sky_camp_Kechika_River.jpg (90kb)
Big sky camp on the Kechika

horses_not_an_unusual_sight.jpg (87kb)
Horses not an unusual sight on BC rivers like the Kechika

confluenceliard.jpg (63kb)
Camp on the Liard by confluence of Kechika

top_of_ Mountain_Portage_on_the_Liard.jpg (100kb)
Top of Mountain Portage Rapid on the Liard