Churchill River/ CPAWS Boreal Rendezvous Trip

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Otter Rapids

Running Otter Rapids

Tug-of-war on Devil Lake, Mosquito Cup, Brad Koop, 1991

Tandem Canoe Slalom Race in Mosquito Rapids, Mosquito Cup, Brad Koop, 1991

Big Surf at the Far Side, Brenda MacDonald, 1991

Running Corner Rapids


Knee Lake: Hitch-hiking from the Haultain

Running Rooster Rapids

Robertson Falls

Dave goes for a swim in Drinking Lake, Dave Koop’s Canon Camera, 2001

Island Camp Near Frog Portage

Bedrock Camp on Wintego Lake

Wading Besnard Creek “Ducky Style” to Black Bear Island Lake, CPAWS, 2003

Phil Roberts Picks Mint for the Morning Tea Break, CPAWS, 2003

Tom King at work at Black Bear Island Lake Camp, CPAWS, 2003

Running Trout Falls with Phil, CPAWS, 2003

Team Churchill Takes a Break on Nipew Lake, CPAWS, 2003