On the Rio Cangrejal "The River of Crabs" Honduras

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Photos are copyright Laurel Archer unless otherwise noted.
Please contact me for any use of the photos.

Home base: Omega Tours' Jungle Lodge

Jezzar's Liquid Logic Pop twisting by the pool

The Americans gear up

Lodge setting: Pico Bonito's cloud forest

A raft trip heads out

The shuttle vehicle and its trusty keeper

First rapids below the put in for the Canyon

The Canyon run: continuous Class 3+/4 -- more at high water!

Cascade Rapids

Approaching Ziploc drop

Approach falls with care at high water

Guide abuse above Ziploc not recommended

Everyone's a little nervous. We all portage.

Except Udo, who keeps upright, but barely

in the swirly brown high water

And it gets busy again down below!

Enjoying the eddies we can, when we can

"Ignorance is bliss," they say

Peeling out paddle raft style

Down some measly stuff to Labyrinth

Laurel's Swimming Hole up ahead.

Laurel swims again later

Who's the crab now?

Jungle paddling on the "River of Crabs" rocks!

Or should I say "River of Gigantic Boulders"?

"Enormous Rocks"?

"Mucho Rocks"?

Scouting the upper run on a day off

Subway drop, Class 5+

On the Class 3 lower run: Lava I

Scouting Lava II - the only Class 4 drop on the lower

A good level for a few hits

Taking the last hit

Apres paddle hammock

Yeah, it's a dog's life...

Lower Falls

Invites a swim!

Trekking to the Upper Falls

The top of Double Falls