West Coast, Nootka, and Cumshewa Head Trails

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Photos are copyright Laurel Archer unless otherwise noted.
Please contact me for any use of the photos.

Brad Taking a Rest on the south end of Gray Bay, Cumshewa Head Trail on Moresby Island in the Queen Charlottes

Coastal Hiking at its Best

Checking out a Surge Channel

Views of Hecate Strait Abound on the Cumshewa Head Trail

Old Growth Rainforest Camping

Hiking Through the Forest on the Cumshewa Head Trail

Another Mossy Bench for a Break

Karlene Watching the Breakers on Third Beach, Nootka Trail

Nearing Friendly Cove, the end of the Nootka Trail

West Coast Trail: Enjoying the View

Brad Checking the Tidal Charts, West Coast Trail

Walking the Beach, West Coast Trail