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Photos are copyright Laurel Archer unless otherwise noted.
Please contact me for any use of the photos.

01a_yrqone_a.jpg (90kb)

The Unibomber registers
(Michele Genge, 2006)

01b_yrqone_b.jpg (98kb)

Team #59 gets their bibs

02a_yrqtwo_a.jpg (89kb)

Steve Mooney rented
us the boat

02b_yrqtwo_b.jpg (85kb)

We just have to find it! (M. Genge, 2006)

03a_yrqthree_a.jpg (94kb)

Number is going on (M. Genge, 2006 )

03b_yrqthree_b.jpg (122kb)

Getting sage advice (M. Genge, 2006)

04a_yqrfour_a.jpg (101kb)

Two sisters from AB (M. Genge, 2006)

04b_yqrfour_b.jpg (103kb)

Father and daughter from Newfoundland (M. Genge, 2006)

05a_yqrfive_a.jpg (77kb)

Pauline from FCRCC (M. Genge, 2006)

05b_yqrfive_b.jpg (104kb)

The boys from SK and Lac Brochet (M. Genge, 2006)

06a_yrqsix_a.jpg (76kb)

Whitehorse from above
(Ron Bernardin, 2006)

06b_yrqsix_b.jpg (95kb)

Scouting Lac Labarge (Ron Bernardin, 2006)

07a_yrqseven_a.jpg (78kb)

We will race in record rainfall

07b_yrqseven_b.jpg (92kb)

Early to the start (R. Bernardin, 2006)

08a_yqreight_a.jpg (68kb)

Here we go (Ron Bernardin, 2006)

08b_yqreight_b.jpg (35kb)

Labarge is about wind and rain

09a_yqrnine_a.jpg (59kb)

A ray of sun

09b_yqrnine_b.jpg (38kb)

On the river we paddle through the night

10a_yrqten_a.jpg (105kb)

23.5 hours later we are in Carmacks (M. Genge, 2006)

10b_yrqten_b.jpg (118kb)

In 7 hours we must go again (R. Bernardin, 2006)

11a_yrqeleven_a.jpg (79kb)

Leaving Carmacks, next stop Kirkman Creek (Ron Bernardin, 2006)

11b_yrqeleven_b.jpg (100kb)

Teams are still arriving as we leave (Ron Bernardin, 2006)

12a_yrqtwelve_a.jpg (85kb)

Five Fingers Rapids at 2:30 am (Ron Bernardin, 2006)

12b_yrqtwelve_b.jpg (99kb)

We have no problem (Ron Bernardin, 2006)

14a_yrqfourteen_a.jpg (116kb)

Kirkman Creek 17 hours later

14b_yrqfourteen_b.jpg (66kb)

FCRCC women catch up

15a_yrqfifteen_a.jpg (62kb)

“Headwind Alley” hurts us

15a_yrqfifteen_b.jpg (99kb)

Overall winners (R. Bernardin, 2006)

16a_yrqsixteen_a.jpg (114kb)

Second overall are our SK and Dene friends! (R. Bernardin, 2006)

16b_yrqsixteen_b.jpg (110kb)

The women that beat us (R. Bernardin, 2006)

17_yrqseventeen.jpg (81kb)

740 kms in 51 hours, 45 minutes, and 2 seconds (R. Bernardin, 2006)

18a_yqreighteen_a.jpg (83kb)

An emotional finish for me (R. Bernardin, 2006)

18b_yqreighteen_b.jpg (105kb)

Bag lady with nothing but clean pjs

19a_yrqnineteen_a.jpg (86kb)

After a shower we assess our wounds (R. Bernardin, 2006)

19b_yrqnineteen_b.jpg (76kb)

Check out how we did

20a_yqrtwenty_a.jpg (80kb)

18th overall, 6th tandem canoe, 2nd women’s tandem canoe

20b_yqrtwenty_b.jpg (89kb)

The finish line in Dawson

21a_yqrtwentyone_a.jpg (106kb)

Serious gear sorting

21b_yqrtwentyone_b.jpg (100kb)

Visitors admire Kisseynew

22a_yrqtwentytwo_a.jpg (115kb)

Michele’s in heaven


22b_yrqtwentytwo_b.jpg (122kb)

I’m sharing outrigger secrets (R. Bernardin, 2006)

23_yrqtwentythree.jpg (64kb)

I’ll take this boat next time

24a_yrqtwentyfour_a.jpg (63kb)

Gold rush town or what?

24b_yrqtwentyfour_b.jpg (67kb)

On The Dome (R. Bernardin, 2006)

25a_yrqtwentyfive_a.jpg (32kb)

Getting the cash (R. Bernardin, 2006)

25b_yrqtwentyfive_b.jpg (56kb)

Saying goodbye (R. Bernardin, 2006)

26a_yrqtwentysix_a.jpg (72kb)

Drinking tequila is good for recovery (Dennis Fossenueve, 2006)

26b_yrqtwentysix_b.jpg (84kb)

Dennis thinks we are crazy (M. Genge, 2006)

27_yrqtwentyseven.jpg (54kb)

Ron’s poster of us, how cool! (R. Bernardin, 2006)