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Photos are copyright Laurel Archer unless otherwise noted.
Please contact me for any use of the photos.

KVP_0031_outrigger.jpg (38kb)

Our OC6 team wins
the Masters division of the
Howe Sound Iron
(K.V. Pedersen, 2006)

oc2gibson001.jpg (6kb)

Jacinta Sheridan and I warm up
(Sheila Kuyper, 2006)

oc2gibson002.jpg (10kb)

On the start line
(Sheila Kuyper, 2006)

oc2gibson004.jpg (12kb)

Masters OC2 BC Champions
(Sheila Kuyper, 2006)

P1000295.jpg (44kb)

Comox arrives in Los Angeles

P1000296.jpg (33kb)

Along with Lisa from Victoria

P1000297.jpg (40kb)

Stupid bus tricks begin

P1000298.jpg (27kb)

We drive to Newport Beach

P1000299.jpg (32kb)

Palm trees!

P1000300.jpg (13kb)

At the beach

P1000301.jpg (17kb)

At the beach

P1000302.jpg (17kb)

At the beach

P1000303.jpg (34kb)

Lisa cavorting as Jackie laughs

P1000304.jpg (22kb)

It was actually cold for Sept. in California

P1000305.jpg (60kb)

But we took in the sights

P1000306.jpg (53kb)

Pretty horses

P1000307.jpg (55kb)

and more

P1000308.jpg (35kb)

Tigger, from Seattle, our ninth paddler

P1000309.jpg (43kb)

On to rigging the boat

P1000310.jpg (50kb)

FCRCC women do the same


P1000312.jpg (37kb)

Beware of Rupert, he is vicious

P1000313.jpg (43kb)

and hates red!

P1000314.jpg (42kb)

He attacked our ama

P1000316.jpg (38kb)

Readying for a test run

P1000317.jpg (35kb)

Readying for a test run

P1000318.jpg (28kb)

Test drive

P1000319.jpg (38kb)

Coach Steve from FCRCC

P1000320.jpg (31kb)


P1000321.jpg (39kb)


P1000322.jpg (32kb)

Our escort boat crew

P1000324.jpg (58kb)


P1000325.jpg (46kb)

Not really

P1000326.jpg (16kb)

To the start

P1000327.jpg (20kb)

Looking good, we finish
10th overall and win the Masters

P1000328.jpg (46kb)

Catalina Island camping

P1000329.jpg (43kb)

We danced all night

P1000330.jpg (34kb)

and it was a rough morning

P1000331.jpg (43kb)

Why so early?

P1000333.jpg (26kb)

Our trophy for winning the
Masters division of the US Championships