Northern Saskatchewan Canoe Trips:

A Guide to 15 Wilderness Rivers

The guidebook provides canoeists with detailed route descriptions for canoe trips on the following 15 rivers:

For each trip there is detailed information on access to put ins and takeouts, air service, canoe rentals, and the difficulty and nature of each route, including trip notes providing coordinates for and key details about hazards, rapids, campsites, fishing holes and sites of interest along the routes. The cost of the book is $19.95. To order online go to The Boston Mills Press.


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The Globe and Mail -- "...and obviously knows her turf. This guide is filled
with route descriptions and practical details such as required topographic maps,
best time to go, special equipment needed, nature of rapids, hazards and best
campsites. Best of all, Archer references her descriptions to map coordinates."

The Winnipeg Free Press -- "Archer also has a keen sense of what real-life
paddlers -- as opposed to macho endurance heroes -- want out of a wilderness trip:
she rates all her rivers for solitude, historical significance and wildlife-
viewing and fishing opportunities, as opposed to merely length and difficulty."

The Star Phoenix -- "The result is a highly detailed guide-book, written in a
personal, conversational style. Like a friend sharing a well-kept secret,
along with plenty of good advice...."

Nastawgan -- "Archer's writing style is engaging and personal; she has produced
a fine book that's not only packed with wonderful things, but a pleasure to read too. It
sets a good example of what other guidebooks to wilderness canoe tripping should look
like. A lovely book to have, to use, and also to dream with."

Che-mun -- "This Boston Mills effort follows the format and produces a clean,
well-written and well-illustrated river guide on 15 rivers.... Laurel Archer is a
very accomplished paddler who has been many places in her 39 years and written for
many leading outdoor mags. We look forward to another of her fine well-written and
researched books."

Kanawa -- "The book speaks of an author who really knows canoeing. The important
information paddlers look for is all there, in a text that is compelling written and
attractively presented."

Rapid Mag's Canoeroots -- "This book is 240 pages of secrets. You'd be a fool
not to read it and crazy not to go."

Rural Roots -- "This book is primarily designed for the active canoeist but
the dreamer or couch potato will find it a good read, too. The author's writing style
and her personal experience with the rivers allow your imagination to take you down
some of the wildest rivers in Saskatchewan without getting wet.... This book in format,
content and style has a lot going for it, even if you never brave the Wathaman or